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Ford Falcon Vs Holden Commodore


1st Pics of the cars that are coming in 2014/15

1 Aug 2014 - The new Moffat XB Falcon, Brockie Holden Torana and the FPR FG Falcon are looking good . . . . . . . but once again the 2014 VF HRT Holden Commodore has been made using the old VE body and chassis. . . . . . .unfortunately thats 2 years in a row now. . . . This time round, unlike last year, I can see cosmetic changes, ie. the front guard vents but the rear wing remains the same . . . . . The other interesting thing is that it has the older 5 spoke wheels that were used on the older V8's . . . . . . . whats the story there i wonder???


The photos are courtesy of MRE & the Scalextric facebook page in the UK. Click on the links to take you directly to their page:-)

The 2014 Scalextric V8 Supercars Announced!!

C3582F & C3583F will be released at the end of 2014 or start of 2015

C3582F -

C3583F -

The 2013 Scalextric V8 Supercars
have finally arrived!!


6 May 2014 - Approximately 5 months late the 2013 Scalextric V8 Supercars have arrived and are available for sale at your local toy/hobby/slot shop & also on Ebay. 

Looking at the pics, C3470 #5 Pepsi Max Ford Performance Racing FG Falcon driven by Mark Winterbottom looks AWESOME.

In regards to C3471 #1 Red Bull Racing Aust. VF Holden Commodore driven by Jamie Whincup i am dissappointed. 


Most of us knew Southern Model Supplies/ Scalextric were using the VE body & chassis but it looks like they made no attempt to at least make it look more like a VF front lights, rear lights and the rear wing to mention a few.

Since 2003, Southern Model Supplies/Scalextric have always put in the effort to replicate the real V8 Supercars but this is the 1st time they have not i was hoping the 5 month delay had something to do with change . . . . .i was wrong :-(

VE to VF Repaint

Here is a repaint by the

Ebay seller "Roboff63" .

As you can see HE converted a VE

 into a VF commodore!!

He used VF COMMODORE rear

light decals and the Ford Falcon

FG rear wing to make it more

realistic to  the actual car..


(Click on "roboff63" to go to his ebay page)

Click on the pic to zoooooooom in :-)


The 2014 Scalextric Historic cars announced!!

These cars are due later in 2014.

C3491 - Ford XB Falcon GT Hardtop/
Alan Moffat Racing
C3492 - Holden Torana SL/R5000 L34
Holden Dealer Team

Driven by Alan Moffat & Ian Geoghegan

Driven by Peter Brock & Brian Sampson

1975 Hardie Ferodo 1000 Bathurst
Qualified in 2nd place
109 out of 163 Laps completed

1974 Hardie Ferodo 1000 Bathurst

Qualified in 1st place

118 out of 163 laps completed



The C3492 Holden Torana in the 2014 catalogue will not be as pictured on the left, but will now be released as the HDT Marlboro Holden Torana SL/R driven by Peter Brock & Brian Sampson that was raced at Bathurst 1974. The car will NOT have Marlboro on it.

The 2013 Scalextric V8 sets

C1305 Bathurst legends

C3303 Ford XB Falcon vs C3101 Holden L34Torana

Alan MOFFAT VS Peter Brock

Released June 2013

C1306 Thundering V8's 2013


C3321 Ford Falcon FG vs C3227 Holden VE Commodore

Shane Van Gisbergen VS James Courtney

Released September 2013

C1311 Bathurst Showdown


C3225 Ford Falcon FG vs C3322 Holden VE Commodore

Will Davison VS Craig Lowndes

Released November 2013

Bathurst Showdown Set image was supplied c/o Armchair racer


Things to come for
Scalextric V8 Supercars!!

Since 1997 the V8 Supercar Championship has been a battle between the Aussie Ford Falcon & Holden Commodore....not any the the Mercedes E63 AMG & Nissan Altima  joined the Championship in 2013. In 2014 another manufacturer has joined the field!!  The Volvo Polestar S60 sedan wants to show the others what its made of !!!

Will we see a Scalextric Nissan, Mercedes or Volvo in 2015/16??



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The full list of the Scalextric Aussie V8 Supercars

The full list of the Scalextric Aussie Classics


 Scalextric Product Codes:
 V8 Supercars: C2446, C2447, C2519, C2520, C2612, C2613, C2614, C2615, C2692, C2693, C2694, C2695, C2766, C2767, C2768, C2769, C2829, C2830, C2831, C2832, C2952, C2953, C2954, C3040, C3041, C3076, C3077, C3114, C3115, C3161, C3225, C3227, C3321, C3322, C3470, C3471, C3582, C3583. Historic cars: C2413, C2696, C2759, C2775, C2951, C3002, C3030, C3101, C3210, C3214, C3302, C3303, C3304, C3402, C3405, C3491, C3492. V8 Sets: C1103, C1104, C1143L, C1190, C1148, C1149, C1175S, C1176S, C1177, C1204SF, C1205SF, C1257SF, C1258SF, C1305, C1306


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